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How insurance companies operate?

  To continue, an insurance company must pay all claims that its policyholders will suffer in the future, more or less distant, as well as its own costs of management and distribution. This is the balance "claims / premiums" which is vital in the long term. Mutual insurance companies are not distributing dividends can vary their rates for the sole benefit of their contributors. The total amount of claims are by definition unknown in advance, all insurance companies aim to "pool" risks. Imagine 100 people uninsured, with statistically in 100 chance of being injured: one of these people will likely experience difficult to bear financial woes. By cons, if these 100 people mutualise and they each bring a small contribution constituting a common fund, they will be much better protected in the event of a disaster ... This mechanism aims to reduce the variability of losses. The amount of probable losses (plus a safety margin, and expense management company) is paid by the insured (premium).

Fire insurance

   This kind of protection insurance to compensate for losses. And damage to the immovable property (contents) and immovable (factories, business offices, the housing) and the resulting risk of fire, and coverage can be expanded to include other kinds of dangers, such as:

    The fall of the aircraft
    Storms, cyclones and floods
    Riots, strikes and willful harm
    Damage caused by vehicles rammed
    Strikes and unrest
    Consequential losses (loss of profits)

Marine Insurance (shipping)

Marine Insurance (shipping)

      This kind of insurance that you need protection where the trade believes cargo by sea or air or by road or by rail The focus of this insurance to compensate the owners of goods losses incurred by them goods the because of their exposure to risks insured against it during transportation or shipping. The types of documents provided by this type of insurance has adopted a model document for marine insurance put complex subscribers marine insurance in London and called on the document name (MAR) and added to this document sets conditions provide hoods insurance for all types of marine insurance is three


    Set conditions Mahdah provide insurance cover and protect against the dangers of transport
    Set of conditions to provide insurance protection against the dangers of war
    Set conditions Mahdah provide insurance cover against the risks of strikes


Insurance is a mechanism in which the transfer of risk and so on several types of insurance such as interactive insurance and self-insurance, commercial insurance and government insurance.

 another meaning
Insurance is included: life insurance, body insurance, fire insurance, burglary insurance, etc. Insurance In its simplest definition, is a way to transfer risk. The definition of a rule in Iran Insurance: Insurance is a contract whereby one party (the insurer) in exchange for a promise to pay money or funds on behalf of another (the insurer) in the event of an accident or damages to compensate him have to pay a specific amount. Insurer's obligation, the obligation of the insurer to the insured and the insurer pays money into the insurance premium and what is called the insurance issue. This definition would cover only "as a contract between the parties, the insurer and the insurance contract and for any commitments made to me. But in terms of technology, insurance, health insurance is not the legal relationship between the insurer and an insurance cause. Insurance against the insurer if there is only one principle, "There is no insurance and the insurer is not justified. Due to the nature of insurance, the insurance contract with the insurance Karbymh Gary is considered one of the thousands of insurance contract between the insurer and insurance packages and other words are among the insurance groups.
The functioning of the insurance Insurance, basically, people are exposed to a similar risk (insured) joined forces helping one property. Insurance companies function is to organize the elimination of these people find each other and realized losses. Who are exposed to the same risks come together and realized the risks they meet together, even greater risk of per capita has dropped the amount of payment may be affordable for everyone. The greater the number of people coming together, the per capita amount of damage becomes so predictable. The law of large quantities probability calculations (or the law of large numbers) according to the law called the same regardless of how much the number of securities that are subject to risks, damage to take place, would be so close to the possibility of risk occurrence. Come together under the organization of an insurance company insured pay a fee, called a premium to cover future claims. The amount of the premium, to be paid in damages, as well as the insurance company operating costs, income taxes, including items such as agency commissions. Insurance, and property damage would yield unpredictable events (risk) is performed against. When insurance against events that are not known in advance. Gambling, such as buying and selling stocks and unlawful work done specifiable insuperable risks. Likewise, the regulations will not insurance against penalties arising. To start working with the insurance company that insured cover is made between the insurance contract. The policy contains the terms of the insurance contract and proving document. On the policy of the insurance company name, address, name of the insured, risk-related information, the premium, the insurance start and end dates, insurance policies, etc.. takes place. Insurance sales shall be made by the insurance companies, sometimes directly, but usually is done by insurance agents. Insurance agents working under a particular insurance company, insurance companies and independent insurance agents and brokers. The main tasks of the agents, insurance solutions to their customers and raise awareness about the risks, the premium payments, compensation for damages, and the renewal of the policy to follow is to remind needed. Agencies which are authorized to collect premiums from customers pay their premiums, the insurance company. These brokers charge a commission for services. The amount of the premium is usually included in the Commission. Sees a risk of damage or loss insurance has been called. If damage occurs, the insured shall notify the insurance company. Insurance company, the damage itself provides an independent expert review. Then, by examining the expert report, will indemnify the insured in the insured pays compensation. Life insurance and damage to the body of the compensation paid by the actuary so-called experts concluded that the actuarial calculations.

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